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Jamaican Adventures: Exploring the Island Without a Car

November 24, 2023

Here’s something I bet you didn’t know about me, I do not drive! Crazy right? I know, but I’m working on it 😬. While that may be the case currently, I know I am not alone. Many people do not drive for various reasons. Some do not have a driver’s license for whatever reason and others just don’t own a car. As someone who enjoys travelling and exploring my country, having my own transportation would make it a lot easier, but not being able to drive doesn’t mean I can’t have Jamaican adventures. A common excuse a lot of us non-drivers use is that we don’t have a car so we can’t explore our country. I’m here to tell you that this statement couldn’t be farther from the truth. It is quite possible to explore Jamaica without owning a car. As a fellow non-driver who has enjoyed several adventures in my country, I can attest to that. Keep reading to see how you too can explore Jamaica even when you don’t own a car.

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