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Escape to Negril: A Weekend Guide to Jamaica’s Slice of Paradise

May 2, 2024
Summer Bucket List

Negril, a picturesque coastal town on the western tip of Jamaica, is the perfect destination for a weekend of relaxation and exploration. Negril has some of the most beautiful sunsets in Jamaica. This laid-back, beach town also boasts some pristine, white sand beaches and alluring cliffs. Whether you’re lounging in the sun, dipping in the crystal-clear waters, or embarking on a thrilling cliff-diving adventure, Negril promises endless hours of blissful escapism.

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Childhood Memories

Gran’ Market Chronicles: A Reflection of Gran’ Market in Jamaica

December 24, 2023

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the streets people peddled their wares, while children enjoyed their treats *snap, snap, snap*. Growing up in Jamaica one of the things I looked forward to the most at Christmastime was our Grand Market. Gran’ Market is held annually on Christmas Eve and is a huge event that takes place in towns and cities across the island. It is generally an all-day event that involves food, music and shopping. Christmas is right around the corner and since we are so close to the big day I wanted to share my memories of Gran’ market.

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Jamaican Adventures: Exploring the Island Without a Car

November 24, 2023

Here’s something I bet you didn’t know about me, I do not drive! Crazy right? I know, but I’m working on it 😬. While that may be the case currently, I know I am not alone. Many people do not drive for various reasons. Some do not have a driver’s license for whatever reason and others just don’t own a car. As someone who enjoys travelling and exploring my country, having my own transportation would make it a lot easier, but not being able to drive doesn’t mean I can’t have Jamaican adventures. A common excuse a lot of us non-drivers use is that we don’t have a car so we can’t explore our country. I’m here to tell you that this statement couldn’t be farther from the truth. It is quite possible to explore Jamaica without owning a car. As a fellow non-driver who has enjoyed several adventures in my country, I can attest to that. Keep reading to see how you too can explore Jamaica even when you don’t own a car.

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Unity in Diversity: 6 Things That Bring Jamaicans Together

November 14, 2023

Jamaica is a country known for its alluring beauty, rhythmic music, warm hospitality and in more recent years its athletic prowess. Like most other countries, Jamaica has its fair share of negative elements. Despite all this, however, what defines Jamaica is its people and their ability to unite as a cohesive whole. The festive season is fast approaching and although it’s early November, it is safe to say the holiday season is at hand. Christmas is the season of togetherness and despite how fast it comes and goes this season tends to bring Jamaicans together. This had me thinking what else brings Jamaicans together? In today’s post, I will explore some things that bring Jamaicans together.

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