11 Date Ideas to Keep Cool During the Summertime in Kingston

May 24, 2023

Summer is fast approaching and the heat is already on. Kingston, Jamaica is no stranger to the sizzling summer heat and we are always looking for ways to cool down. Since summer is sometimes dubbed the 'season of love', it's crucial to find romantic activities that provide a respite from the sweltering sun. Kingston, Jamaica, offers a plethora of options to keep cool while enjoying quality time with your significant other. In today's post, I'm sharing some date ideas to help you ignite some summer romance while beating the heat in Kingston.

Have Dinner at a Rooftop Restaurant

Good food, good company and good conversation this to me is the ideal combination for a great date. Enjoy the cool night air while tucking into a delectable meal and sipping on a fancy cocktail at a rooftop restaurant. There are several restaurants in Kingston which boast open-air, rooftop terraces. A few of my favourites include Broken Plate, Macau Gaming Lounge and Bar and Cru Bar and Kitchen. Most people enjoy dinner dates and it helps if it comes with fresh air and a view of the city from above.

Chase Waterfalls

Jamaica is blessed with some picturesque waterfalls and a few of these gems are located near the city. Taking a plunge into the cool refreshing river or getting a massage from mother nature is another great way to spend time with your significant other while keeping cool in the summertime. Chasing waterfalls is a great date idea for anyone who loves nature. You can unleash your inner child while splashing around or sit by the water's edge and enjoy meaningful conversation.

Indulge in Frozen Treats at Devon House

If you are trying to beat the heat you can never go wrong with frozen treats. Where better to indulge than Devon House? Devon House is one of Jamaica's most renowned historical sites. Aside from the mansion the property is home to a variety of restaurants and shops. The most popular is Scoops Unlimited, the makers of Devon House I-Scream. Another frozen treat which can be enjoyed at Devon House is a paleta. A paleta is the Mexican version of an ice pop and can be enjoyed at TamJam Gourmet Delights, located on the grounds of Devon House. Frozen treats are perfect after a long day and you can enjoy them with your partner while walking around and taking in the other shops on the property.

Go Camping in the Blue Mountains

Spending a night sleeping under the stars is an experience worth sharing with a loved one. Camping as a couple is an ideal way to reconnect with your partner as it forces you to unplug. Spending time outside not only brings you closer to nature but also brings you closer as a couple. Camping in the Blue Mountains helps you escape the heat of the city as you will enjoy the cooler temperatures in the mountains.


Seeing the stars at night can be difficult when you live in the city. Luckily, Kingston has some great lookout spots which make it easy to enjoy the city's views and gaze at the stars. Summer nights are a lot cooler than the daytime so this date idea is a great way to make the most of the cool night air. This date only works if the night sky is clear, so check the weather before you head out. Stargazing can be quite romantic with proper planning.

Have a Picnic at Hope Botanical Gardens

Who doesn't love a picnic date? Take advantage of the beautifully manicured lawns of the Hope Botanical Gardens and enjoy an afternoon picnic with that special someone. You can decide if you want a fancy picnic with charcuterie boards and homemade cocktails or a simple picnic. The sprawling shade provided by the towering trees on the property offers much-needed relief from the scorching sun. After your picnic, you can take a stroll hand in hand while exploring.

Spend a Day at Lime Cay

No list involving summer activities is complete without a trip to the beach thrown in the mix. Catch a boat to Lime Cay with your beau. This small cay off the shore of Kingston is the ideal spot if you want your dose of vitamin sea without venturing too far outside of the city. You can enjoy each other's company while relaxing on the beach or exploring the cay. If you have the right gear snorkelling is also an option. Since there are no facilities at Lime Cay, ideally, you should make this trip with adequate supplies.

Check Out a Movie at Palace Cinema

Sitting side by side in a dimly lit theatre, while engrossed in a captivating story, creates a sense of togetherness and allows for bonding as a couple. The blissful comfort of centralized air-conditioning is an added benefit. There are two movie theatres in Kingston, Carib 5 and Palace Cineplex. There should be some great movies released this summer so you can check out a movie you both will enjoy.

Get Swimming Lessons

In the warmer months, we all want to be around water as often as we can. This one is for the non-swimmers reading this post. Don't feel bad, you are not alone. Getting swimming lessons with your partner is a great way to cool off while spending time together and learning an important skill in the process. Several facilities in and around Kingston offer swimming lessons by licensed instructors for a small fee. You can have fun watching each other learn to float, tread water or do flutter kicks. This can be especially exciting with a partner who has a great sense of humour and knows how to laugh at themselves.

Have a Couple's Spa Day

If you or your date are the types of people that lead busy lives, a couple’s spa day may be exactly what you both need. Spend the day at a spa where you both get to experience maximum relaxation. If this means you need to splurge a bit then go right ahead. Get the plush robes, the couples' massages and all the trimmings of a proper pampering. Most spas and wellness centres have packages exclusively for couples and are equipped with the necessary tools to satisfy all your relaxation needs. This date is ideal for anyone looking to destress. A day at the spa can leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the challenges of a hot summer.

Catch the Sunset at Palisadoes

The act of watching the sunset with your significant other is simple but quite romantic. Watching sunsets together fosters feelings of closeness and intimacy. The vibrant colours of the sky during a sunset create an enchanting ambience which is an ideal setting for igniting romance. One of the best places to catch a sunset in Kingston is along the Palisadoes strip. This can be enjoyed from the comfort of your car AC blasting and conversation flowing.


With the scorching heat of summer in Kingston, it's essential to find creative and refreshing ways to spend quality time with your loved one. Kingston offers several cool date ideas to beat the summer heat. There is something for every couple to enjoy, from enchanting sunsets to exhilarating outdoor excursions. Embrace the warmth of the season while making the most of your time together creating beautiful memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Which of these dates have you been on? Tell me in the comments below.

See you next post!

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