Must-See Movies for Valentine’s Day

January 22, 2022

Love is in the air, can you feel it? Pandemic aside, Valentine's Day is coming and while there are many mixed feelings about the day it is a time to celebrate love. Valentine's Day is the ideal time to get your fill of romance and mushy love stories. I'm a sucker for a good romantic movie and may even shed a tear occasionally. Since some of us may be spending Valentine's Day at home I'll be sharing a few amazing romance movies you could watch. I'm sure there are a few here that you may have seen before but the beauty of a good movie is that you'll want to it watch more than once.

The Notebook

A favourite among many romantics, this film adaptation of the novel by Nicholas Sparks had to be on my list. In the movie, an elderly man reads the love story of Noah and Allie from a worn notebook to an old woman who has senile dementia. Noah and Allie meet at a carnival and eventually fall in love, however, Allie's parents do not approve of their romance since Noah belongs to another social class. As an adult, I have only seen this movie in its entirety once so I put it as number one because I intend to watch it on or before Valentine's Day. A little know fact about 'The Notebook' is that it was inspired by a true story.

Scene from the Notebook a vvalentine's day movie

Valentine's Day

The star-studded cast makes this movie even more enjoyable. The lineup includes Anne Hathaway, Ashton Kutcher, Julia Roberts, Jamie Foxx, Queen Latifah, Emma Roberts, Taylor Swift and many more. We get to follow the stories of several individuals and their Valentine's Day encounters. You'll have a taste of romance, heartbreak and a belly full of laughter. You could call this the Valentine's Day version of 'Love Actually'. The title of the movie practically tells you why it's a must-see on Valentine's Day.


This is one of my favourite romantic movies. After watching this movie I developed an appreciation for Jane Austen's work. I'm yet to complete all her books but I'm slowly getting there. Jane Hayes, an obsessed Austen fanatic spends her savings on a trip to Austenland "the world's only immersive Austen experience". She goes there with the hope of experiencing romance even if it's make-belief. When true feelings and emotions become entangled with the pretending she discovers that she wants "something real". Jane eventually finds her 'Mr Darcy' even though it wasn't the way she expected. I've watched this movie more times than I'd like to admit but the experience has never changed. I'm certain that you will also enjoy it.

When Harry Met Sally

I was first introduced to this movie in a Psychology class, I don't remember the topic being discussed but after sharing a clip from the movie our lecturer encouraged us to watch it and I did. The age-old question "Can a man and a woman be friends, without sex getting in the way?" is explored in this movie. The protagonists first meet after they graduate from university. They start as acquaintances, then friends and then they fall in love. The film takes us through different aspects of their lives. There is also the iconic scene at a restaurant that ended with the words “I'll have what she's having,”. Even if you have never seen the movie you have probably seen or heard about this part.

Date Night

Imagine wanting to spice up your usually dull date night and end up having the scariest and possibly most thrilling night of your life. This is precisely what happened in the movie 'Date Night'. After being married for several years, Phil Foster decides to do something different for date night with his wife Claire. They drive to the city, hoping to get into a popular restaurant. This proves difficult without a reservation and not wanting to disappoint his wife Phil decides to take the reservation of a couple who didn't show up. Phil does this not knowing that the couple is in a deal of trouble and he and his wife spend the night trying to avoid being killed for something they know nothing about. If you've seen 'The Office' then you must know Steve Carell, if not then you probably know Tina Fey and trust me when I say they both showed out in this hilarious film.

Crazy Rich Asians

Another one of my favourite romantic movies 'Crazy Rich Asians' took Hollywood by storm in 2018. It was said to be the first big-budget motion picture to have a predominantly Asian cast since 1993. The movie has a typical 'meeting the parents' storyline except for the fact that the parents are insanely wealthy. Rachel Chu journeys to Singapore with her boyfriend of one year to attend his best friend's wedding and to meet his family. Being stuck in her traditional ways the mother does not gravitate towards Rachel and blatantly tells her that she will never be good enough for her son. Rachel also has to grapple with the fact that she's dating Singapore's most eligible bachelor and the single women are out to get her. I couldn't move on without telling you about the epic wedding scene. I've replayed that scene countless times and shed a tear every single time. It was simply beautiful, but if I'm being honest there was nothing simple about it.

Scene dfrom Crazy Rich Asians valentine's day movie

Love and Basketball

The premise of this movie is simple. Childhood friends who both have a desire of becoming professional basketball players turn lovers. They both struggle to strike a balance between their relationship and their ambitions to become the best basketball players. Growing up I wasn't a fan of this movie but it grew on me eventually. This movie is perfect for the sports lover who needs a little reminder that it is possible to find that balance between love and athletic goals.


These are just a few movies that I highly recommend if you like watching romance movies on Valentine's Day. There are tons of other romance movies available for your viewing pleasure. If you happen to be stuck at home on Valentine's Day you can use this list to create a stay at home movie date with popcorn, chocolate, wine and all the other trimmings for Valentine's Day.

Have you seen any of these movies? Tell me in the comments below.

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